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 The ESP conference is to take place from Monday July 28th through Thursday July 31st at the Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon, and more specifically at the Jean Capelle amphitheater on the east side of the INSA campus, located at the corner of the Avenue Jean Capelle and Rue de l'Emetteur in Villeurbanne (suburbs of Lyon).


Easily accessible through the Lyon public transportation system, you can reach the Jean Capelle amphitheater :

=> by tramway : ligne T1- stop at Croix Luizet (directly at the congress location)

                      or ligne T4 - stop at La Doua Gaston Berger (+ 8 minutes walk)

=> by bus : ligne C17 or C26 - stop at Croix Luizet (3 min walk to the congress hall)

               or ligne 69 or 37 - stop at Place Croix-Luizet + 10 minutes walk

=> A Velo'v parking is also available at INSA Einstein tram station


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For further information on how to access the Jean Capelle amphitheater, please click here !





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