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Ten plenary and keynotes lectures will be presented. 


Silvia E. Braslavsky (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany)

Photoscience as a Bridge to Peace 

María Gabriela Lagorio (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

Fluorescence of living plants. From space to cells 

Janet Bornman (Perth, Australia) 

ESP – A life dedicated to all things photo and biological

Michel Sliwa (Lille, France) 

The synergy of time-resolved optical spectroscopy and crystallography to reveal the mechanism of photo-switchable proteins

Yong Zhang (Singapore)

Light-emitting Materials and Devices for Wireless Phototherapy

Gareth I. Jenkins (Glasgow, UK) 

UVR8 photoreceptor action in plant responses to UV-B radiation

Recipient of the ESP investigator award

 to be communicated later

Shelley D. Minteer (Salt Lake City, USA)

Using Synthetic Biology Tools for Efficient Ammonia Production from Cyanobacteria

Jean-Luc Coll (Grenoble, France)

NIR/SWIR imaging in vivo using optically active nanotheranostic systems

Michael Hamblin (Johannesburg, South Africa) 

Potentiation of antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation by inorganic salts 





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